Just in case you don't know what an anagram is, imagine tossing all of the letters that make up the name "Bob Dylan" into the air and then recombining them into other words.

I didn't figure these out myself. I found an anagram generator (among a bunch of other things) at: http://www.iTools.com/research-it/research-it.html

A Blond By
Blab Yond
Bald Bony
Bald By No
Bald By On
Bland Boy
Baldy Bon
Baldy Nob
Bandy Lob
Lab By Don
Lab By Nod
Nab By Old
Ban By Old
Bay Blond
Lad Bon By
Lad Nob By
Dylan Bob
And Lobby
And Lob By
Dan Lobby
Dan Lob By
Andy Blob
An Bold By

--Verb Leer Lust (Steve Burrell)