The Zimmermen

Zimmermen began in May 1992 as a once only celebration of Bob Dylan's 51st birthday by a collection of Oxford musicians already well established on the local music scene. Tim's idea was to get together and bang out a few Dylan songs at a Sunday lunch time session being run by Malcolm and Norman. It was so popular that a decision was made to actually rehearse a few more tunes for the following week.

Within a couple of weeks the venue became standing room only, and people began to offer the Zimms gigs all around the Oxford area.

Originally named Boneyard (after group leader and all round good guy Tim Bone) the band decided to come out of the closet and changed the name to Zimmermen towards the end of that year. Other possible names (The Band, Bob Dylan and The Band, Bob Dylan and the Band) were eventually rejected as being a bit too obvious.

The Zimmermen have done many memorable and often very interesting gigs since then.(See The Independent 25/4/94.)

The 1994 international Dylan convention in Manchester organized jointly by My Back Pages and Isis was something of a highlight. Hundreds of big time Dylan fans filled the audience as the Zimms went through two sets of (naturally) Bob's songs. A terrifying experience!!! These guys know these songs better than Bob does. It was, in fact, a great night (imagine all those people dancing around, to Bob Dylan songs?)

Playing festivals in France and Germany as well as many gigs around the UK have kept the band busy for the last couple of years and the release of their first CD "The Dungeon Tapes" has created much greater interest in the band in 1996.

Available in Germany, Austria and Switzerland on the BMG/Ariola label (ARIS No. 21414772)

In the British Isles and the rest of Europe through Isis magazine, Desolation Row Promotions Ltd or from the address above.

In the United States from On the Tracks/Rolling Tomes Inc.

A second album, as yet untitled, is currently being recorded, once again at The Dungeon Studio, Ascot, Oxon. With 14 recorded tracks from which to choose the final selection, the Zimmermen feel that this is an exciting move forward for 1997.

The Personnel

Tim Bone (acoustic guitar and vocals)
Band leader. Group Dylanologist. The man who started it all and keeps it all going. The Boss!!

Malcolm Edwards (vocals and harmonica)
Founder member. Malcolm has been singing in bands for almost xx years. Performing R'n B and soul classics with a number of English bands.

Norman Smith (electric guitar, acoustic guitar, mandolin and vocals)
Last of the original gang of 3 founder members. Norman has been playing guitar since his teenage years when dinosaurs ruled the earth.

Bob Prowse (bass, keyboards, guitar, vocals and Jack Daniels)
A very talented musician and drinker. Younger than the previous 3 but still remembers the golden iron age of rock and roll.

Loz Colbert (drums and percussion)
The powerhouse behind Zimmermen. Loz played drums with 'Ride' before their demise in 1996. Loz and Bob are responsible for the high energy feel of the 2nd Zimmermen CD due for release in spring/summer 1997 and, as yet, untitled.