Credits & Acknowledgement

First of all I would like to thank all the people who have provided a lot of great stuff.

The list would be very long and "I might leave someone out and it wouldn't be fair."

BTW I have to thank the Edlis agents, for their precious informations;
David Lindsey for his great experience;
Brent Short, Kelly Randall for checking and testing Bread Crumb Sins;
Antonios Stefanou, for a lot of great advices;
Rob Lake for his precious work;
Ugo Piomelli for his kindness;
Vincenzo Tabacco for the shining pics he sent.
Richard Batey for his checking;
Rob Zorn 'cause he has made a great work and 'cause he has really a kind soul.
Ed Ricardo 'cause he always has a right answer and a good advice

and all the people of the r.m.d.!!


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