David Reisman's exposition.

His art works:

  • Bob Collage, 1993 - 53k
  • Bob Dylan Candy Bar Idea (wrapper looks like a harmonica), 1993 - 60k
  • Something about Bob Dylan, 1995 - 36k

    David Reisman is an artist, writer, and editor at Thirteen/WNET's Educational Publishing Department in New York. He currently writes art criticism for Texte zur Kunst. Other Bob Dylan-related examples of his artwork can be found at "BDX: The Bob Dylan Exhibition" in Karl Erik Andersen's web site, "Expecting Rain."

    Some free words about David: (various links too)

    ...some of my favorite current artists include Sigmar Polke, Vito Acconci, Sol Lewitt, Jonathan Borofsky, Hans Haacke, Jasper Johns, and a few other people. Artists of my generation whose work I like include Jim Shaw, Mike Kelley, John Miller, Ann Hamilton, and Christopher Lucas (and many, many more).
    I have pretty eclectic tastes! I wrote a doctoral dissertation that discussed the education and work of artists Martha Rosler, Krzysztof Wodiczko, Tim Rollins, and three members of the artists' collaborative Group Material.

    ...I actually got interested in being an artist through comic books -- I haven't paid much attention to comics for a long time, but am starting to find some things I'm interested in in the comic book world again (Rick Veitch's 'Roaring Rick's Rarebit Fiends'; Art Spiegelman's work). I've also gone through periods of great devotion to the films of Jean Luc Godard and the writing of Thomas Pynchon (an American novelist).

    ...of course, Bob Dylan is a great inspiration for me, maybe even more so at this point than most of the painters I've mentioned. I get a lot out of his music; listening to it even helped me get back on track artistically after a long and unproductive period.

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