Ferrara 5-july

We (me and my girlfriend) arrived in Ferrara very early. We went walking around the city for a while, then we reached the square where the concert was going to be played. It was a beautiful square with the old castle all around it. It was very easy to enter in the backstage area since it was located in an adiacent little square behind the stage. A gold bus was parked there. It was the bus of the crew. We stayed there talking with the guitar tecn. for a while. After ten minutes we were quite going away when a cream-coloured bus entered the area. The first to come out was Bucky with his new blonde hairs! Then Tony Garnier holding his white bass guitar in his hand and then JJ with a blue suit and a large bag. We smiled at them and then we went away.

At 18.00 the band played the soundcheck. A very nice one. We stayed inside the square for the first three songs then we were sent away *sigh* but we could hear the songs very well. BTW the songs played were:
Down in the flood
Tombstone Blues
Just Like Tom Thumb's Blues
Tangled Up In Blue
Stealin' *wow*
after 5 years JJ is a pretty good imitator of the voice of Dylan! Anyway the soundcheck was very nice expecially that good old Stealin'. Very slow and blues.

After the souncheck we went to eat something and to meet some friends (Josh, John, Sara...)

At 20.00 we entered the square. We had numbered places so there was no hurry and no reason to stay in the queue for a long time. Unfortunately my seat was in the middle, a little distant from the stage. I was a little disappointed 'cause all my friends were in the first 3 rows *sigh* Anyway the lights went out and the usual intro started: "Ladies and Gentleman would you please welcome...."

...Drifter's Escape - Dylan is holding only the mike and an harp. No guitar. All the band except Winston is wearing that blue dress. Tony as usual wears his hat. Dylan is wearin a ligh blue jacket over a black dress and white shoes. A nice version of Drifter with JJ adding some backing vocals.

Lay Lady Lay was the second song. We were expecting something stranger anyway that's good. Few raindrops on my nose but nothing more. *phew* Bob talked with JJ several times during this song and finally Bob started a gtr solo to end the song.

Some people from the back seats are thinking to go to the front ..mmm After 7 shows in the first rows I can't stay in the middle! All Along The Watchtower, powerful driving Hendrix's style version. Thanks Bob. The powerful chords invited to dance. Some persons are leaving the seats and they are going in the first rows. I do the same! Second row! The show can start! Dylan saw all of us dancing in front of the stage and smiled (not so much) and then started to play more vigorously. "Mille grazie" he said at the end of the song. Thanks to you Bob.

Just Like A Woman filled the air. Nice singing, classic version. We sang aloud all the words of the refrain. He didn't expect this so he started to sing only "Just" then we sang "Just like a woman" and then he finish his verse. Very nice and funny.

Time to dance again: Watching the River Flow and Silvio did their job well. Nice choir with JJ on Silvio.

Mr. Tambourine Man gave us a chill. He didn't wear an harp holder (as all the previous shows) so he dropped the guitar and started an amazing harp solo. IMO when he has to concentrate only on vocals or on the harp solo, he can sing/play in a better way.

The other two acoustic songs were: Masters Of War and Mama you've Been On My Mind. Really great to hear this song live. I've seen Dylan 7 times and I have heard more than 300 concerts but hearing Mama live is really amazing. After the 3 acoustic songs he started, always acoustic, Knockin' on Heaven's Door. Then first Bob then JJ changed guitar adding new energy to this hit.

The last 2 songs, before starting the encore, were Ballad of a Thin Man and Maggie's Farm. He introduced the band before Maggie. Before disappearing in the shadows he greeted the public with his usual way of doing adding some funny looks and pointing some guys in the audience.

During this short break I had the time to swith to a better place right in the middle of the second row. I saw a guy with a great camera. We chatted briefly then he gave me his phone number. ...very soon you'll see those pics on Bread Crumb Sins *ehehe*

Bob returns holding an acoustic guitar and this means no Alabama Getaway tonight. He started It Ain't Me Baby with an interminable harp solo. Before starting the solo he made some visual jokes about how using the mike and the harp together. *lol*

Rainy Day Women 12&35 gave us the chance to dance for the last time for tonight. dancing and giggling the show was over. A girl offered a rose, JJ took it and bringed it to Dylan who smiled and sent a kiss.

Chino (a spanish guy connected with The Telegraph) show me the cuesheet of the night. Well Dylan followed it completely except for the first encore who should have been Alabama Getway. The last two songs on the cuesheet were Alabama and It Ain't me babe but he left Alabama and he added Rainy. Only 14 songs tonight.

A nice show even if it could be better. Dylan was in a nice mood but the shows was nothing really special.

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