How far is the nearest cow?
(What was it you wanted? #18)
From New Musical Express Friday, May 13, 1966:

In Copenhagen, NME correspondent Sven Wezelenburg had no more luck than Keith Altham [see What was it you wanted #17] when questioning Bob Dylan. It went like this:

S.W.: Are you married and to whom?

Dylan: If I answered that question I'd lie to you. You don't want me to be a liar.

S.W.: Why did you laugh at the start of "Bob Dylan's 115th Dream" on your LP?

Dylan: I don't remember ... well, wait a bit ... yeah ... somebody entered the studio disguised and looking like my mother. Yes, that was it. I just started laughing.

S.W.: How are your friends?

Dylan: Haven't got any. I've always been looking for some. Never found any.

S.W.: Does the large amount of money you get now mean much to you?

Dylan: I don't care about money. Nothing has changed me. I'm not a prophet. I don't care how much money I make, but you do.

Dylan asked reporters questions like "Where's Hamlet's castle?" and "How far is the nearest cow?". He got answers too.

Reprinted in Occasionally #1.