Dylan sites on the NET

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Visits one of these webpages:

  • Bob Dylan.com
  • John Howells'Bringing It All Back Home Page (the world's first ever WWW Dylan page!).
  • Karl Erik's Expecting Rain
  • The Telegraph
  • Bryan Donaldson'sBob Dylan's 115th Dream.
  • Clinton Heylin's site
  • Giuseppe (Peppo) Valetto's Broken Words (text analysis of lyrics).
  • Larry Yudelson's Bob Dylan: Tangled up in Jews home page. (New address). Aka "Dylan & The Jews".
  • Bill Pagel's BobLinks
  • Bill Parr's Slow Train page
  • EDLIS centrale.
  • Richard Batey's Web J-Cards
  • Andra's Cowboy Angel Sings. Cover songs which Dylan sings.
  • Steve Michel's Dylan movies and stills page.
  • Sony maintains a makeshift Bob Dylan home page. Now includes official Sony tour listing page
  • Zimmermen's Home page
  • Shooting Star, a French site dedicated to Dylan .
  • One More Cup Of Coffee. A swedish site by Joel Jacobsson
  • Annual Bob Dylan Festival Austria page.
  • Grain of Sand by Andreas Gustafsson
  • The Bob Dylan's Fan International Bookshelf
  • Parking Meter Dylan-magazine in German language.
  • Absolutely Cynthia Marie's Bob Dylan Shrine
  • Foggy Ruins
  • Another Site Of Bob Dylan by Anneke Hoftijzer & Hans Derksen
  • Chris Cooper's Dylan Base.
  • Positively 24th Street: A Pilgrim's Guide to Hibbing
  • Bob Dylan - A tribute
  • Trading pals
  • New Pony

    Lyrics, tabs, chords and graphics.

  • Jim Roemer's www page! All the lyrics!! Really a great page. Take a look!
  • Another good site in Germany.
  • FTP link to tabs and chords at at ftp.nevada.edu
  • vivarin.pc.cc.cmu.edu maintains a Web lyric mirror of cs.uwp.edu
  • Lyrics Server at the Minnesota Legislative GIS Office .
  • FTP link to lyrics and graphics at ftp.cs.pdx.edu
  • FTP link to graphics at ditmela.mel.dit.csiro.au
  • Lyrics and chords to many Dylan songs can be found at the On Line Guitar Archive (O.L.G.A.) or at the ftp site mirrors.aol.com/pub/guitar/
  • Dylan Books at Michele Pomarede's page
  • Lyrics at the Web site www.mcc.ac.uk
  • Lyrics at the FTP site unix.hensa.ac.uk ?
  • Lyrics at the FTP site quepasa.cs.tu-berlin.de .
  • Lyrics at dixie.aiss.uiuc.edu

    Newsgroup and mailing list.

  • rec.music.dylan , the Usenet Newsgroup.
  • An archive of the newly setup Buffalo Listserv which mirrors rec.music.dylan. The list is maintained by Maureen LeBlanc. Two new facilities have opened up. The first is the ability to interact with the listserv via The Web , setting subscription options etc. It will also allow you to search the entire HWY61-L archives. This will be especially helpful for readers new to rec.music.dylan who want to find out if a discussion has already been covered. The second new item enables you to post to the digest (and therefore rec.music.dylan as well) using something called Tile.net . However, it seems that anything you do post has the subject header "commenting from file" so it is not the recommended method.

    Other WWW links.

  • CDnow has a full page dedicated to Dylan!
  • Tshirt Now has a section on Dylan
  • Songsearch CD Store--Lowest Music Prices
  • Journey's page
  • Rock Around The World radio shows from the 1970s, featuring music and interviews. The 1976 page includes two Dylan '.au' format sound files: #90 The Rolling Thunder Revue part 1 (25 April 1976) and #91 The Rolling Thunder Revue part 2 (2 May 1976) (no link identified).
  • A Dylan "Don't Look Back" entry in the Internet Movie Database . This Don't Look Back direct link doesn't work anymore. Does anyone have the correct link?
  • You used to be able to automatically search the The San Francisco Chronicle & The San Francisco Examiner. for any mention of "Dylan" or "Bob Dylan". A new search engine will be up and running at some point.
  • The University of Sunderland, England - sound samples of Positively Fourth Street, Subterranean Homesick Blues and Isis. Our friend Bob gets a mention in the closing credits for Sunderland's CIS Web System.
  • The CBS Television home page contains a searchable archive of The Late Show With David Letterman Top Ten Lists in which there are two Dylan mentions: "NAFTA Provisions" and "Signs the Concert You're Attending is Not the Real Woodstock".
  • History Of Rock And Roll home page. Includes Bob Dylan video file . This consists, I suspect, of Bono, Graham Nash, Boy George, Carl Wilson, Little Richard, Exene Cervenka, David Bowie, and Tom Petty citing Bob Dylan as their inspiration. The file is 1650 kb in length and can be downloaded in MAC , .MOV , and .AVI formats.
  • Review of Highway 61 Interactive CDROM on the Computer Shopper web page. Includes downloadable .wav, .au, and .mov sound and video clips.

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