Pistoia 7 July

First of all a note about the organization of the show. In one word ...awful! As usual the show was scheduled in a square but the main problem was that they allowed all the people (with or without ticket) to enter the area of the show. At 18.00 o clock the security sent all the people inside the square out. Now hundreds of people were in the queue in a narrow street that was the only entrance/exit of the square. Of course all the people who had to left the square were going directly toward the others in the queue!! In my opinion only a genius could imagine such a wonderful way to organize a rock/blues festival!

BTW we saw the sounscheck. It was very short: only 3 songs: Down in the flood, Just Like Tom Thumb's Blues and an instrumental version of Don't think twice. JJ asked us if we had any request for the show. Someone asked Visions of Johanna. General laughing and some bets. *lol*

Two bands played before Dylan: The Loose Diamonds and Joe Ely. Nice performances expecially Joe Ely. The show was attended by thousands of people BTW I prefer the shows where Dylan is the only artist. Only genuine bobcats! Around 22.00 JJ & co. entered the stage. Black suits, Tony with his hat as usual. After some seconds a short guy with a white jacket walked all over the stage. It's Bob! Clapping from the audience.

Drifter's Escape as usual opened the show. No gtr. Good version. After Driter ths first changing on the cuesheet. JJ and Bob talked briefly and a strange song started. Slow. It's Sugaree! I think that only few people in the public knew the song. I enjoy the song. Very nice. After Sugaree the most played song in the Dylan's career is played... ..All Along The Watchtower. Very good. Powerful as the night before. Perhaps a little better vocals. 4th song ...4th street!! Positively 4th Street! Terrific lyrics. Anger and pain on Dylan's face! Very impressive!

Dylan is not so joyful as in Ferrara but the songs and the vocals are better. Just to close the first electric set Watching the River Flow and Silvio.

At this point he took the acoustic guitar, Bucky the mandolin and they started an amazing set! 3 songs 3 diamonds: Tangled Up In Blue, Hard Rain and To Ramona. Great versions with two harp solo on Tangled and Ramona. IMO the harp solo on Tangled was not so inspired BTW good! The purest diamonds was Hard Rain's A Gonna Fall. Shocking singing! He changed the way of singing the chorus all along the song. Great.

Now I would like to say thanks to Bucky Buxter. He's always down there in the shadows doing a not always seen/heard work, but he adds a lot to the sound. Try to follow him playing the steel/pedal guitar during Ballad or 4th street.

Time to the final electric set. Maggie's Farm is played right after the acoustic set. A little strange. I really liked the NOOOOO MOOOORE Very funny.At this point I hope to hear a great final electric hit instead of Maggie. Ballad of a Thin Man followed Maggie's Farm and then Seeing The Real You At Last was played. Well I was expecting to hear Seven Days or Ring Them Bells anyway that's ok!

The encores are coming. Even tonight only two! I don't know if he's tired or what anyway only 14 songs on these two italian shows. It Ain't Me Babe and Rainy. No strange songs. No Alabama.

IMO this concert was a lot better than Ferrara even if I enjoy Ferrara more than Pistoia. ...well I've seen them both *smile*

Once again I took a look at the cuesheet. Well there were Senor as 2nd song. Don't Think Twice, Love Minus Zero in the acoustic set. Ring Them Bells *sic* Shooting Star and another one in the final set. Even on the cuesheet 14 songs, BTW tonight Alabama Getaway was not scheduled.

That's all.

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