compiled by Alan Fraser
Revised: December, 1997

Revised list of officially-released Bob tracks not so far available on a currently-available Bob CD in the US. There's more than a boxed set-full!

Definition of "official" is that they must have been released legally by a recognised label, e.g. Columbia or Vanguard. I am including promotional items issued by those companies that were not made available to the general public at the time, but which are now in circulation.

Bootleg or "grey import" items are not included. I have also omitted:

  • tracks where Bob contributes to other artists' albums only instrumentally or with backup vocals (exceptions are 3 tracks included on the Japanese promo "Mr D's Collection" volumes.)
  • Bob's appearances on TV and radio shows that have never been officially released on audio albums or videos
  • tracks from official albums that appear on "various artist" compilation albums
  • interview discs.
  • This is a chronological (as far as I can make it) list of all the rarities that I know about.

    Thanks to Roger Ford, Peter Gilmer, David Grossman, John Howells, Masato Kato, Les Kokay, Robert Ovrebo, Vernon Purnell, Andrew Russ, Ben Taylor, Sam C. Visser, Carsten Wohlfeld, Matthew Zuckerman and anyone else who's written to me about this matter that I've forgotten to credit.

    1 Previously unknown version of When I Paint My Masterpiece played on the radio in the US in 1978-79 - this sounds like the live version from Renaldo & Clara, but it has not been otherwise reported as a radio station promo.
    2 Reputed Brazilian 1979 single B-side version of Trouble In Mind with extra verse.

    If you know of any officially released item not on this list, please let me know.

    A Chronological list of Rare Bob Items

    Part 1: 1960s

    1 I'll Fly Away by Carolyn Hester, 1962: on her self-titled album. This track is included because it's on the Japanese promo, Mr D's Collection, Vol. 1. Bob plays harmonica on this track and 2 others on the original album. The album was re-released in 1997 on CD, stickered as featuring Bob Dylan, with extra tracks including alternate takes with Bob performing. The track I'll Fly Away is also available on a 1992 Rhino CD “Troubadours Of The Folk Era Vol. 1” (R2 70262).

    Broadside Reunion (as Blind Boy Grunt), released 1972, recordings 1962/63:
    2 Train A-Travelin'
    3 (I'd Hate To Be You On That) Dreadful Day
    4 The Death Of Emmett Till
    5 The Ballad Of Donald White

    Mixed Up Confusion single, Dec 62:
    6 A-side - Mixed Up Confusion, now the original single is on the revised Biograph, the rarities are the alternate (mono) take found on Masterpieces (#86) and the remix of it found on the original Biograph (#110)
    7 B-side - Corrina, Corrina, alternate take to Freewheelin' version

    Test pressing of The Freewheelin' Bob Dylan, Apr 63:
    8 Rocks & Gravel
    9 Talkin' John Birch Paranoid Blues (not same as the Bootleg Series version)

    Newport Broadside (Topical Songs), Vanguard, Jul 63:
    10 Ye Playboys & Playgirls (with Pete Seeger)
    11 With God On Our Side (with Joan Baez) now on Joan Baez Live At Newport CD #175

    Fontana 7” EPs (UK), 1963
    12 Ye Playboys & Playgirls (with Pete Seeger) (as #10)
    13 With God On Our Side (with Joan Baez) (as #11)

    Evening Concerts At Newport Vol. 1, Vanguard, Jul 63:
    14 Blowin' In The Wind (with Joan Baez)

    We Shall Overcome, Aug 63:
    15 Only A Pawn In Their Game

    Broadside Ballads Vol. 1 (as Blind Boy Grunt), released Vanguard, Oct 63, recordings Jan/Feb 63:
    16 Talkin' Devil
    17 John Brown (original version)
    18 Only A Hobo (not same version as on The Bootleg Series)
    (Happy Traum also performs Let Me Die in My Footsteps on this album)

    19 With God On Our Side, Parts 1 & 2: A & B-sides of single, 1964

    20 It Ain't Me, Babe, 1964: different mix on promo

    Columbia Miami Convention Message promo, May 65, recorded in UK:
    21 If You Gotta Go, Go Now (excerpt)

    Don't Look Back video, 1965:
    22 Live footage from the 1965 England tour, but only fragments of songs.

    23 Can You Please Crawl Out Your Window?, Jul 65: early version released as Positively 4th St by mistake

    24 Like A Rolling Stone, 1965: radio station promo with the song split over the A & B-sides (evidence of this item's existence is disputed)

    Early withdrawn pressing of Highway 61 Revisited, Aug 65, also Japanese release of album:
    25 From A Buick 6 (alternate take with harmonica intro)

    Columbia Disco Teen 66 compilation album, 1966:
    26 Positively 4th St (alternate mix, longer)

    27 (Sooner Or Later)One Of Us Must Know , 1966: unfaded single edit (also included on mono release of Blonde On Blonde

    28 Rainy Day Women #12 & 35), 1966: single edit

    29 Pledging My Time, 1966: single edit

    30 French EP (5660) - includes #28 & #29 plus the single/mono album version of (Sooner or Later) One Of Us Must Know

    31 Just Like Tom Thumb's Blues, Jun 66: live at Liverpool, May 66, B-side of I Want You (also on Masterpieces)

    32 If You Gotta Go, Go Now, Jul 67: recorded in 1965, not same as the Bootleg Series version, Benelux only

    Dutch Greatest Hits Album, 1967
    33 Pledging My Time (alternate mix)
    34 4th Time Around (alternate mix)

    Tribute to Woody Guthrie with The Band, Jan 68:
    35 I Ain't Got No Home
    36 Dear Mrs Roosevelt
    37 Grand Coulee Dam

    38 Columbia compilation The Music People: Grand Coulee Dam (with the Band, Jan 68, as #37)

    Johnny Cash: The Man And His Music video
    39 Includes Bob and Johnny duetting on "One Too Many Mornings", 1969 (song incorrectly titled as “A Thousand Miles Behind”)

    Part 2: 1970s

    40 New Morning, Oct 70: early copies of the album have Bob saying "OK, here we go." at start of title track, later deleted

    41 Spanish Is The Loving Tongue, Jun 71: B-side of Watching The River Flow, not version #52 on Dylan (also on Masterpieces)

    Earl Scruggs Performing With His Family & Friends, Columbia, mid 71:
    42 Nashville Skyline Rag (alternate take from Nashville Skyline, with “Hey, Bob, listen to this latest version” at start)

    Concert for Bangladesh, Aug 71:
    43 A Hard Rain's Gonna Fall
    44 It Takes A Lot To Laugh, It Takes A Train To Cry
    45 Blowin' In The Wind
    46 Mr. Tambourine Man
    47 Just Like A Woman

    George Jackson single, Nov 71:
    48 A-side, Big Band Version
    49 B-side, Acoustic Version
    (#48 is on Masterpieces and also on the Japanese promo items Mr D's Collection, Vols. 1,2 & 3, #49 is on Vols. 1 & 3 of Mr D's only)

    Doug Sahm & Band, Dec 72:
    50 Wallflower (with Doug Sahm)

    Roger McGuinn's first self-named solo album, 1973:
    51 I'm So Restless by Roger McGuinn - included because it's on the Japanese promo Mr D's Collection, Vol. 1. Bob plays harmonica and gets a name check in the lyrics. The album is now available on CD (Edsel ED CD 281). I'm So Restless is also available on the McGuinn solo Columbia compilation CD “Born To Rock And Roll”.

    Dylan, Nov 73:
    52 Spanish Is The Loving Tongue
    53 Lily Of The West
    54 Sara Jane
    55 A Fool Such As I
    56 I Can't Help Falling In Love
    57 Mr Bojangles
    58 Big Yellow Taxi
    59 Mary Ann
    60 Ballad of Ira Hayes
    This album has never been issued on CD in the USA, although it has been released in Europe as Dylan (A Fool Such As I) and is available from import sources

    61 All Along The Watchtower (single with the Band), Summer 74 : reputedly not same version as on Before The Flood?

    62 Quadraphonic release of Nashville Skyline, 1974
    Many tracks mixed differently, Country Pie is 16 seconds longer

    63 Quadraphonic release of Planet Waves, 1974
    Many tracks mixed differently, the second Forever Young has a longer intro

    Test pressing of Blood On The Tracks, Nov 74, (unreleased alternate versions):
    64 Lily, Rosemary & The Jack Of Hearts
    65 You're A Big Girl Now (original version, remixed on Biograph)
    66 Idiot Wind (not Bootleg Series version)
    67 If You See Her, Say Hello (not Bootleg Series version)
    68 Tangled Up In Blue (not Bootleg Series version)

    Eric Clapton - No Reason To Cry , 1976:
    69 Sign Language (with Eric Clapton)

    Bette Midler - Songs For The New Depression, 1976 (recorded late 1975):
    70 Nuggets Of Rain (Buckets Of Rain) (with Bette Midler)

    Quadraphonic vinyl version of Desire, Jan 76 - has mistakes in:
    71 Joey
    72 Romance In Durango

    Hurricane singles, 1976
    73 Parts 1 & 2: A & B-sides of single
    74 Parts 1 & 2: A & B-sides of single (radio station version with swear-word beeped)

    Stuck Inside Of Mobile With The Memphis Blues Again single, Nov 76:
    75 Stuck Inside Of Mobile With The Memphis Blues Again: A-side - edit of live version from the Hard Rain album
    76 Rita May: B-side - Desire out-take, recorded Jul 75 (also on Masterpieces #90)

    The Last Waltz with The Band, Nov 76:
    77 Baby Let Me Follow You Down
    78 I Don't Believe You
    79 Forever Young
    80 Baby Let Me Follow You Down (reprise)
    81 I Shall Be Released

    Four Songs From Renaldo & Clara promo EP, Jan 78, with The Rolling Thunder Revue:
    82 People Get Ready
    83 It Ain't Me Babe (released on 2nd European Dignity CD single #165)
    84 Never Let Me Go
    85 Isis (B-side of Jokerman single, 1984, also released on Biograph, 1985)

    Masterpieces, Australia, 1978:
    86 Mixed Up Confusion, 1962 (alternate mono take of single #6)
    87 Just Like Tom Thumb's Blues, Jun 66 (live at Liverpool, May 66) same as #31
    88 Spanish Is The Loving Tongue, Jun 71: B-side of Watching The River Flow #41, not version #52 from Dylan
    89 George Jackson (Big Band Version), Nov 71, same as #48
    90 Rita May, Jul 75 (same as #76)

    90a Baby Stop Crying, Jul 78 - Columbia 3-10805 promo 45 has long (album) version on one side, short version (radio edit) on the other

    Gotta Serve Somebody single, Aug 79
    91 Columbia 1-11072 promo 45 has long (album) version on one side, short version (radio edit) on the other
    91a Trouble In Mind, Aug 79: B-side of regular single

    Mr.D's Collection #1 — LP (Japanese promo)
    92 I'm So Restless - Roger McGuinn (same as #51)
    93 I'll Fly Away - Carolyn Hester (same as #1)
    94 Mixed Up Confusion - my information here is that this is the version that appeared on the original issue of Biograph, #110, namely a remixed stereo version of #86 from Masterpieces, and not the original single #6
    95 From a Buick 6 - alternate take with harmonica intro (same as #25)
    96 George Jackson - Acoustic version (same as #49)
    97 Can You Please Crawl Out Your Window? - version mistakenly released as Positively 4th Street (same as #23)
    98 Just Like Tom Thumb's Blues - live version B-side of single (same as #31)
    99 Spanish is The Loving Tongue - single version (same as #41)
    100 Nashville Skyline Rag, Feb 69 - Earl Scruggs version (same as #42)
    101 George Jackson - Big Band version (same as #48)

    Mr D's Collection #2 - 4-song Japanese promo EP (same versions as on the LP)
    102 Mixed Up Confusion (#94)
    103 Just Like Tom Thumb's Blues (#98 = #31)
    104 Can You Please Crawl Out Your Window? (#97 = #23)
    105 George Jackson - Big Band version (#101 = #48)

    Part 3: 1980s

    106 Let It Be Me, Jul 81: B-side of Heart Of Mine, recorded May 81, not Self Portrait version (Europe only)

    Infidels European singles, Oct 83: UK and some countries have Union Sundown as A-side, rest of Europe have I & I as the A-side:
    107 Angel Flying Too Close to the Ground

    108 Jokerman, Apr 84: single edit

    109 We Are the World, Jan 85: Bob contributes vocals to USA for Africa single

    Original version of Biograph, 1985
    110 Mixed Up Confusion: same version as #94 On Mr D's Collection, Vol. 1, i.e. a stereo remix of alternate version #86 on Masterpieces, not the original single #6

    111 Tight Connection To My Heart, 1985: single edit

    112 When The Night Comes Falling From the Sky, 1985: single edit

    113 Ain't Gonna Play Sun City, Dec 85: Bob contributes vocals to Artists United Against Apartheid single

    114 "Hard to Handle", the HBO special from the 1986 Australian tour with Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers, also released on VHS.

    Band Of The Hand film soundtrack, 1986
    115 Band Of The Hand (single version)
    116 Band Of The Hand (album version - different mix and longer)

    Hearts Of Fire film soundtrack, 1986:
    117 The Usual
    118 Night After Night
    119 Had A Dream About You, Baby (different mix from Down In The Groove version)

    120 Kurtis Blow, Kingdom Blow, Sep 86:
    Street Rock (Bob contributes vocals)

    Down In The Groove promo cassette, May 88:
    121 Important Words

    Argentinean version of Down In The Groove album, Jun 88:
    122 Got Love If You Want It

    123 Handle With Care, 1988: Wilbury single, longer on CD and 12"

    124 End Of The Line, 1988: Wilbury single, longer on CD and 12"

    U2 - Rattle & Hum, 1988:
    125 Love Rescue Me
    126 Hawkmoon

    Flashback film soundtrack, Nov 89:
    127 People Get Ready (new recording, not R&C version #82)

    Woody Guthrie/Leadbelly tribute album “Folkways: A Vision Shared”, 1989:
    128 Pretty Boy Floyd

    Series Of Dreams, 1989:
    129 edit on promo single (second verse missing)
    130 5 track promo CD has alternate take with second verse present, but several lyric differences from the version on The Bootleg Series and Greatest Hits Vol. 3

    131 Dead Man, Dead Man, 1989: live version from New Orleans, Nov 81 on Everything Is Broken CD and 12" European singles, also B-side of US cassette single

    132 Nobody's Child, 1989: Traveling Wilburys, included on Romanian Angel Appeal charity album, also single

    Part 4: 1990s

    Blonde On Blonde CD versions:
    133 The album was remixed in the 1970s, and the difference is especially noticeable on Fourth Time Around (no bass harmonica), for instance. Then when the album was released on CD, the mix used was closer to the original, but Sad Eyed Lady of the Lowlands and Temporary Like Achilles were edited to fit both albums on one CD. When the allowable length increased, Achilles was restored, and then a later remastering restored Sad Eyed Lady Of The Lowlands also. These are both still in shortened form on the UK CD; baffling, as this is pressed in Austria, and the same plant also presses a version with a different catalogue number which has the full length tracks - presumably this is for the rest of Europe, though it occasionally turns up in England (Andrew Russ and Roger Ford). General agreement is that, in addition to the improved quality, the mix on the gold CD version of Blonde On Blonde is closest to the 60s original (AF)

    Mr D's Collection #3 (Japanese promo CD)
    134 Just Like Tom Thumb's Blues (as #103, #98 & #31!)
    135 I Ain't Got No Home (from Woody Guthrie Tribute, Jan 68 - same as #35)
    136 The Grand Coulee Dam (from Woody Guthrie Tribute, Jan 68 - same as #37)
    137 George Jackson - Big Band version (as #105, #101, #89 & #48!)
    138 George Jackson - Acoustic version (as #96 & #49)
    139 Rita May (same as #90 & #76)
    140 People Get Ready (from Renaldo & Clara, same as #82)
    141 It Ain't Me Babe (from Renaldo & Clara, same as #83)
    142 Never Let Me Go (from Renaldo & Clara, same as #84)
    143 Dead Man, Dead Man (live - same as #131)
    144 The Usual (Hearts Of Fire soundtrack, same as #117)
    145 Pretty Boy Floyd (same as #102)

    "Nice Price" cassette reissue of Desire:
    146 Oh Sister: unfaded edit with unexpurgated exchange between Emmylou Harris & Bob. Most of this is cut on the CD version.

    147 Most of The Time, 1990 (promo single recorded Mar 90, produced by Don Was)

    148 Runaway, 1990 (B-side of Traveling Wilburys' single She's My Baby)

    149 New Blue Moon, 1990: instrumental version - B-side of Traveling Wilburys' single Wilbury Twist, also on B-side of 12” single She's My Baby

    For Our Children charity album, 1991:
    150 This Old Man

    Willie Nelson - Across The Borderline, 1993:
    151 Heartland (with Willie Nelson)

    Byrds Boxed Set, 1993:
    152 Mr Tambourine Man, with the Byrds, Feb 90

    Joan Baez - Rare, Live & Classic Boxed Set, 1994:
    153 Troubled & I Don't Know Why (with Joan Baez, Aug 63)
    154 Mama You've Been On My Mind (with Joan Baez, Oct 64 - wrongly attributed to Aug 64)
    155 Blowin' In The Wind (with Rolling Thunder Revue, May 76, not Newport duet #14)

    Mike Seeger - 3rd Annual Farewell Reunion, 1994:
    156 Ballad Of Hollis Brown (with Mike Seeger)

    Woodstock 94:
    157 Highway 61 Revisited

    Natural Born Killers film soundtrack, 1994
    158 You Belong To Me

    Recalled European copies of the MTV Unplugged album, Nov 94:
    159 Knocking On Heaven's Door (mistake edit with loop of cheering overdubbed)

    European copies of the MTV Unplugged album, Nov 94:
    160 Love Minus Zero/No Limit (additional track, also on Unplugged video)

    European copies of the MTV Unplugged album, Nov 94:
    161 I Want You (additional track on broadcast Unplugged video)

    European Dignity CD singles, 1995:
    162 Dignity (Unplugged edit) 1st single 662076 2
    163 A Hard Rain's Gonna Fall (recorded at Great Music Experience, Japan, 1994) 1st single 662076 2
    164 Dignity (studio version) 2nd single 662076 5
    165 It Ain't Me, Babe (with the Rolling Thunder Revue, Renaldo & Clara version same as #83 & #141) 2nd single 662076 5

    Bakhalls litterara roster (The Ambush's Literary Voices), Swedish album, 1995:
    166 Wade In The Water (1961) from the Minnesota Hotel Tape

    Highway 61 Interactive CD-ROM, Graphix Zone, 1995
    167 Electric version of House Of The Rising Sun, 1964 overdub
    There are also a number of rare tracks in the digitised files on this CD-ROM, including several takes of Like a Rolling Stone, an instrumental with The Band, an alternate take of I Shall Be Free No. 10 with an extra verse, many clips from other unreleased tracks such as the first version of My Blue-Eyed Jane, plus three songs on video from the Supper Club shows in 1993.

    Till The Night Is Gone: A Tribute To Doc Pomus, Rhino, 1995
    168 Boogie Woogie Country Girl

    The Concert For The Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame, Sep 95:
    169 All Along The Watchtower

    CD-plus version of Greatest Hits Vol. 3, 1996:
    170 Includes video clip of live version of Tangled Up in Blue from Renaldo and Clara, 1975

    Feeling Minnesota film soundtrack, 1996
    171 Ring Of Fire

    Jerry Maguire film soundtrack, 1997:
    172 Shelter From The Storm, 1975 (alternate version)

    European Best of Bob Dylan compilation, Jun 97:
    173 Shelter From The Storm, 1975 (alternate version from Jerry Maguire soundtrack, same as #172)

    Joan Baez - Live At Newport, 1997:
    174 It Ain't Me, Babe, with Joan Baez, Jul 63 (previously unreleased)
    175 With God On Our Side, with Joan Baez (same as Newport Broadside, #11)

    Recalled Biograph, Aug 97:
    176 Mixed Up Confusion (original single, same as #6) - this change has actually been retained in the “corrected” reissue, Oct 97
    177 Baby, Let Me Follow You Down (clipped start)
    178 I'll Be Your Baby Tonight (unfaded edit)
    179 I Don't Believe You (live Manchester, May 66)

    The Songs Of Jimmie Rodgers tribute album, Sep 97:
    180 My Blue-Eyed Jane

    Live '96 Promo Columbia CD (recorded at House of Blues, Atlanta, Aug 96), Dec 97:
    181 My Back Pages
    182 Tombstone Blues
    183 Ballad Of A Thin Man
    184 Boots Of Spanish Leather

    Columbia Internet Web site, Dec 97:
    185 I'm Not There (1956) (unreleased track from the Basement Tapes, 1967)
    186 Blind Willie McTell (live Jones Beach, NY, 17 Aug 97)
    187 Visions Of Johanna (live Minneapolis, MN, 3 Sep 92)
    188 Mr Tambourine Man (live Wolftrap, Vienna, VA, 23 Aug 97)

    Columbia Internet Web site, Jan 98:
    189 Lay Down Your Weary Tune (live, Carnegie Hall, New York City, 26 Oct 63)
    190 John Brown (live, Town Hall, New York City, 12 Apr 63)
    191 Cold Irons Bound (live, El Rey Theatre, Los Angeles, 16 Dec 97)
    192 You're A Big Girl Now (live, El Rey Theatre, Los Angeles, 17 Dec 97)
    193 I'm Your Teenage Prayer (unreleased track from the Basement Tapes, 1967)
    194 From A Buick 6 (alternate take with harmonica intro) same as #25
    195 Percy's Song, Carnegie Hall, New York City, 26 Oct 63
    196 The Lonesome Death of Hattie Carroll, El Rey Theatre, Los Angeles, 16 Dec 97

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