Compiled by Rob Zorn

This evening I had a good idea while doing the dishes, my first for 1996! I was taken by the similar endings to "TV Talkin' Song" on UNDER THE RED SKY and "Black Diamond Bay" on DESIRE In both cases, Dylan's persona is watching (in a disinterested, almost guilty way) a news report on some violent event.

Over the years, I have noticed a few other interesting lyrical connections, though I haven't been smitten entirely with the few code theories I have heard around the place. Some examples:

Sermon on the Mount - Up to Me - Shooting Star
Buttermilk - Carribean Wind - 10,000 Men
Cabin - Sign on the Window - On a Night Like this

And perhaps the most interesting:

Lying next to her by the ocean,
Reaching out and touching her hair
. "Mozambique"

I laid on the dune, I looked at the sky,
When the children were babies and played on the beach.
You came up behind me, I saw you go by,
You were always so close and still within reach
. "Sara"

The crashing waves roll over me,
As I stand upon the sand,
And wait for you to come,
And grab hold of my hand.
"Never Say Goodbye"

Granted, some of these connections are of more value than others, and I am sure there are dozens more (shoes come to mind). I was wondering if any other rmders had noticed any and would be interested in a bit of a collection. Not everybody's cup of tea, I know and I apologize to the disinterested, but some of these connections could be of interest to us budding interpreters.

What I propose is that any others who have noticed some interesting similarities either email them to me, or post them here.

These are the titles of the lyrical connection that I've found interesting:

The small "new" images advice you of the latest changes.
  • Alleys - Angels - Bells
  • Birds - Birds' Nests in Hair - Blood/Wine - Boxing
  • Cabin Door - Cards - Crimson Flamesnew
  • Doctors - Dreamsnew
  • Falling Leaves - Fare Thee Well - French Girlnew
  • Gunsnew
  • Hats - Highway - Hill/Climbing - Horse
  • Jesus - Jokers/Clowns - Like a Woman
  • Horse and Rider - Little Boy Lost - Moon
  • Law - Mirrors/Reflections
  • Mountains - Nature of Man
  • Possessions Sold - Rain - Shoes
  • Roads -Paths -Trails - Streets
  • Rivers - Royalty - Sailors
  • Satan/The Devil - Sea/Ocean - Sky/Apocalypse
  • Snake - Sermon on the Mount
  • Standing at the Door - Stars - Stones
  • Tears/Crying - Television - Trains
  • Wine - Wolves - Woman/Window

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