ISIS issue n.86
August - Semptember 99

This is the list of all the articles found on the "paper" version of ISIS. You can find some of them on this site.


  • Front Page by Derek Barker
  • I Received Your Letter Yesterday - Readers Letters and Questions
  • The Wicked Messenger by Ian Woodward
  • Twenty Pounds Of Headlines by Mark Carter
  • Old Friends by Derek Barker/I>
  • Galileo's Boots by Crazy Joe
  • Working Lyrics to "Just Like a Woman" courtesy of Christie's South Kensington, London
  • I Am Not Jesus by Ian Meacock
  • Magnetic Movements by John Green
  • Minnesota Transcripts by Robert Shelton - transcribed by Ian Woodward
  • Webs That They Spin by Ray Webster
  • Books Upon Your Shelf by Derek Barker
  • Advertising Signs
  • My Back Pages

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