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Fall 1961 New York Interviewer : Billy James
Part of an interview recorded by CBS Mono recording 4 minutes; tape available Published by NME 24 April 1976 and more completely 2 July 1977; also transcribed in "Praxis One" by Stephen Pickering

20 October 1961 Interviewer: Izzy Young
Folklore Center, New York. This interview is incomplete.



March 1962 WBAI New York Interviewer : Pete Seeger
Non broadcast show; tape available

Sep 1962 Interviewer: Edwin Miller
Printed in"Seventeen" magazine.

Oct 1962 New York Interviewer : Oscar Brand
Broadcast Nov 22 1962 WQXR New York; tape available

Oct 1962 New York Interviewer : Billy Faier
Broadcast by WBAI radio Oct 1962; tape available

Oct 1962 Interviewer: Rachel Price
For "FM-Stereo Guide"

Oct 1962 Interviewer: Gil Turner
Printed in "Sing Out"



January 1963 Interviewer: Ronnie or Richard Gilbert.
For the English magazine, "Scene".

Feb/Mar 1963 New York Interviewer : Skip Westner
Radio Broadcast; tape available

3 Apr 1963 Chicago Interviewer : Studs Terkel
Broadcast by WFMT later as "Studs Terkel Wax Museum"; tape available

May 1963 Interviewer: unknow
For "Time" magazine.

Jun 1963 Interviewer: Nat Hentoff
For "Playboy" magazine.

22 August 1963 Interviewer: Jack Smith
Printed in "The National Guardian"

August 1963 Interviewer: Sidney Fields
Printed in the "New York Mirror" 12 September 1963.

20 October 1963 Interviewer: Michael Iachetta
Printed in "Daily News"

4 November 1963 Interviewer: Andrea Svedburg
For "Newsweek"



early Feb 1964 Toronto Interviewer : Helen McNamara
Printed in "Toronto Telegram "3 Feb 1964 Also interview in "Gargoyle Interviews Bob Dylan" in "Gargoyle" magazine Feb 1964 Both referred to in "Steppin' Out" by Brian and Val Lawlan

25 Feb 1964 California Interviewer : Steve Allen
Mono TV broadcast audio tape available

May 1964 England Interviewer : Max Jones
Published in "Melody Maker" 23 May 1964

June 9 1964 New York Interviewer : Nat Hentoff
Published as "The Crackin', Shakin',Breakin' Sounds" New Yorker 24 Oct 1964. Reprinted in "Retrospective"

Dec 1964 University of Santa Barbara Interviewer : Bob Blackmar
Broadcast by KCSB radio 13 minute tape available



17 Feb 1965 New York Interviewer : Les Crane
Mono TV Broadcast audio tape available; reprinted in "Bob Dylan" by Miles

March 1965 New York? Interviewer : Max Jones via transatlantic phone call
Published in "Melody Maker" 20 March 1965, reprinted in "Endless Road 5"

March 1965 Woodstock Interviewer : J. R. Godard
Published in Village Voice as "Dylan Meets The Press" 25 March 1965, reprinted in "Occasionally 5"

March 1965 Woodstock Interviewer : Maura Davis
Published as "Positively Tie Dream" in "Cavalier" magazine Feb 1966, reprinted in "Positively Tie Dream" (Ashes and Sand, 1979) and in "Fourth Time Around 1" with the important photo

April 1965 London Press Conference
Part seen in "Don't Look Back"; press reports?

April 1965, London Interviewer : Mike Hurst
Printed in Teen Scene, 26 April 1965, reprinted in Occasionally 4

27 April 1965, Savoy Hotel London Interviewer : Jack de Manio
Broadcast by "Today" BBC radio 28 April 1965; poor tape available; transcribed in Occasionally 1;

April 1965 London Interviewer : Sarah Ward
Broadcast 25 June 1965; see "Steppin' Out" by Brian and Val Lawlan

30 April 1965 Interviewer: Jenny De Yong and Peter Roche
Sheffield University paper, May 1965.

May 1965 Newcastle Interviewer : unknown
Printed in "Newcastle Evening Chronicle" 7 May 1965; reprinted in "Endless Road 6"

12 May 1965 Interviewer: Laurie Henshaw.

August 1965 New York (Grossman's office) Interviewer : Frances Taylor
Printed in "Long Island Press" 17 Oct 1965; Reprinted in "Sound and Fury" April 1966; reprinted in "Retrospective" (similar to following I/V but may not be the same)

August 1965, Grossman's office (New York) Interviewer : Nora Ephron and Susan Edmiston
Published in "Retrospective" ed. by Craig McGregor, also in "Positively Tie Dream" (Ashes and Sand 1979); post Forest Hills show; used by Pickering in "B. D. Approximately" who referred to a tape; rewritten in "Age of Rock" ed. J. Eisen, Random House, New York, 1969; also in "Age of Rock 2"

Detroit 24 Oct 1965 Interviewer : Allen Stone
Broadcast by WDTM radio 15 minute tape available

8 Nov 1965, Santa Monica Interviewer : Paul Jay Robbins
Published in "In-Beat" magazine Reprinted in "Hullaballoo" magazine - both dates unknown 1965 Rewritten and published in "L.A.Free Press" 17 and 24 Sept 1965 refer TWM 373 and 339 Also printed in "Bob Dylan Approximately" by Pickering

26 Nov 1965 Chicago Interviewer : Joseph Haas
Published in Chicago Daily News 27 Nov 1965 Reprinted in "Retrospective" ed. by Craig McGregor

Nov 1965 Chicago Interviewer : Mary Merryfield
Printed in "Chicago Tribune" 21 Nov 1965; reprinted in "Steppin' Out" by Brian and Val Lawlan

Oct/Nov 1965, CBS office New York Interviewer : Nat Hentoff
Available as approx. 90 minute tape A largely Dylan created second version printed in "Playboy" March 1966 (see I/V with Hentoff in "Zimmerman Blues 6" Reprinted in "Retrospective" ed. Craig McGregor

3 Dec 1965, San Francisco Press Conference
Broadcast by KQED TV audio and video available 51 minutes; published in "Rolling Stone" 14 Dec. 1967 and 20 Jan 1968; reprinted in "Rolling Stone Interviews"

16 Dec 1965, Los Angeles Press Conference
Recording of promotional disc available; small segment broadcast in "Heroes of Rock and Roll" TV Special



Jan 1966 Interviewer: Nat Hentoff
Published in Playboy magazine.

19 Jan 1966, New York Interviewer : Bob Fass
Phone - in to WBAI radio; approx. 90 minute tape available

Feb 1966 Interviewer: Maura Davies
Published for "Cavalier"

22 Feb 1966, Montreal Interviewer : Martin Bronstein
Recorded by CBC 12 minute tape available; transcribed in "Bananas No. 3" (1975)

12 April 1966 Sydney Press Conference
Reported in "Retrospective" ed. by Craig McGregor

19 April 1966 Melbourne Press Conference
Reported in "No Ordinary Man Is Dylan" by Alan Trengrove (The Age, Australian newspaper)

22 April 1966 Adelaide Press Conference
Published in "On Dit" Adelaide University newspaper 4 May 1966; partial tape available

23 April 1966 Perth Press Conference
Mentioned in article covered in TWM925 and covered in "Steppin' Out" by Brian and Val Lawlan

28 April 1966, Stockholm Press Conference
Three questions and answers on tape; transcribed in "Endless Road 2"

29 April 1966, Stockholm Interviewer : Klas Burling
Broadcast May 1 1966 and later by Swedish radio program 12 minute tape available

1 May 1966 Copenhagen Press Conference

3 May 1966 London Press Conference
Reported in "NME" 13 May 1966, reprinted in "Occasionally 2"

23 May 1966 Hotel Georges V, Paris Press Conference
Reported in Paris Match as "Un Eventement Le Maitre Est A Paris" on 4 June 1966 Partial report in Datebook (date unknown), also reported in "Positively Tie Dream" (Ashes and Sand 1979)

22 Sept 1966 Austin Texas Interviewer : unknown
Published in "Retrospective" ed. by Craig Mcgregor as "An interview in Austin Texas" Reprinted in "Bob Dylan" by Miles; also reprinted in "Positively Tie Dream" (Ashes and Sand 1979)(date given as Summer 1965)

1966 Miami Florida Interviewer : Louise Sokol
Published in "Datebook" magazine Sept 1966 Reprinted in "Occasionally #3"

March 1966? Beverley Hills Hotel Los Angeles Press Conference
Published in "Teenset " magazine as "An Interview with the controversial Bob Dylan" in Nov 1966



May 1967 Woodstock Interviewer : Micheal Iachetta
Published in "New York Daily News" 8 May 1967; Reprinted in "Retrospective"



Early 1968 Woodstock New York Interviewer : Hubert Saal
Printed in "Newsweek" 26 Feb 1968; reprinted in "Retrospective"

August 1968 New York Interviewer : Don Short of the Daily Mirror
Published in Melody Maker Aug 23 1968; another article on same I/V reprinted in Bob Dylan File (Get On Down Publication, article source not indicated)

date and place unknown Interviewer : John Cohen
Published in "Sing Out" October 1968; reprinted in abbreviated form Melody Maker 9 Nov 1968; also reprinted in "L. A. Free Press" 13 and 20 Dec 1968



April 1969 Woodstock, New York Interviewer : Hubert Saal
Printed in "Newsweek" 4 April 1969 (Pickering gives 14th); reprinted in "Retrospective"

June 1969 New York Interviewer : Jann Wenner
Published in "Rolling Stone" 29 Nov 1969 Reprinted in "The Rolling Stone Interviews "1981,Rolling Stone Press

27 Aug 1969 Isle of Wight Press Conference
Three questions and answers available as short video; reported in "Melody Maker" 6 Sept 1969; full transcription in "Fourth Time Around 3"


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