This is intended to be as definitive a listing as possible of interviews with Bob Dylan, including both press conferences and "one to one" interviews. The interviews fall into three formats:


  1. actual conversation recorded on audio or videotape or film
  2. actual conversation printed in question and answer format
  3. discussions with Dylan incorporated into the context of an article It is format 3 that provides the most difficulty. How much reported conversation constitutes an interview? Although opinions will differ I have tried to include articles in which substantial verbatim quotes are given, rather than just reported statements. Needless to say, this list will be incomplete, especially for the years 1961 - 1966. I do not have access to music press magazines and newspapers for that period and am reliant mainly on reprints. Consequently I would welcome any correspondance which may complete or correct this list. The format used is:

    date and place of interview
    date and place of publication and/or broadcast

    To ease the search I have divided the interviews into four decades.

If you have corrections or others interviews, please write me.
Rob Lake will be glad ro receive those informations too.

Dylan pictures from 2000, 2001, 2002 available on request.
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Special thanks to Rob Lake, Patricia Jungwirth. Without them this page would never have been created.