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17 March 1997
The NEW ISIS magazine. Issue number 71! New tour dates too.

12 March 1997
New dates are being added to the upcoming tour.

10 March 1997
All the setlists of the Japan tour.

8 March 1997
The Annotation Project compiled by Nate in the articles section. FOUR new shining pictures from the Italian shows of 1989. Finally all the setlists of the Italian shows played since 1996 are on-line with a new graphic and a brief comment. There is a new section too about the books related to Dylan published in Italy. Check the Italian agency!

4 March 1997
The new tour dates are coming in. Check the tour section.

27 February 1997
The Japan Tour is over, the tickets for the June UK tour are being sold and we are expecting a new album. We're having a great time! In the meanwhile take a look to the short biography about the Zimmermen in the articles section.

22 February 1997
The latest news about the Uk tour.

16 February 1997
The most recent Japan setlists in the tour section.

10 February 1997
A new artist in the Gallery section. She's Marguerita, a gypsy artist! Some new informations about the 1997 UK tour. Finally ISIS has an email address: ISIS@netcomuk.co.uk

9 February 1997
The setlist of the first Japanese show in the tour section. I'll keep on posting the new setlists. BTW there were no band changes! Some news about the new album in the ISIS hotline page. A new EDLIS agent has been appointed. Josh Miller is the new EDLIS Youth Agent.

3 February 1997
An article about boots by Matthew Zuckerman. A link to the annual Bob Dylan Festival Austria page in the links section.

2 February 1997
NEW UPDATED news (direct from Derek Barker) about the release of the new album. A March release date would now be impossible to meet. Check the hotline in the ISIS pages to know more. Some new links and an updated EDLIS list too.

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