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May 2000
Back from the italian tour leg. Here there are for you some pictures and the setlists. A new interview from '97, The full Les Crane trascript (thanks Don), some new links, some new stats about gold and platinum album and changes around the site.

6 October 99
New Isis issue. #86 and two new interviews added to the '90s section. One from 1991 by Paul Zollo and another from 1999 published on Guitar World by Murray Engleheart . Thanks to Kaliph Hayes

August 99
Isis new issue. #85

Unfortunately here things are not going so well since last month "someone" set fire to the antiracist association I am working with. You can easily imagine how are the days passing... anyway we keep on going on even if we'll take months and months to rebuild all the premises we had, that have been completely destroyed. You know it was a place where we did theatre, concerts apart from our main antiracist activities...
This of course took me away from "Dylan affairs" from a while and if anyone was guessing where I was, well you have the answer.
BTW I've got time to put online the new ISIS issue. Check it. Always great stuff!

24 Jan 99
An article I found really interesting by one of the person I admire most: Elliott Murphy.

5 Jan 99
New tour dates.

4 Jan 99
ISIS magazine #82 online.

10 Nov 98
ISIS magazine #81 online.

5 Nov 98
Joe Ely told to a friend of mine few days ago that SONY asked him to produce a record before November '99: "The Outlaws 2", featuring Bob Dylan, Bruce Springsteen, Willie Nelson, Kris Kristofferson. It should follow the well known "Outlaws" made in the 70s by Willie Nelson.

22 Oct 98
New tour dates and setlists.

18 Sep 98
After a long holiday break here we are back again! The NEW ISIS Issue and an article from Paolo Vites about the Bootleg Series vol 4-5

31 Aug 98
New ISIS issue.

7 August 1998
A link to Chris Cooper's Dylan Base.

29 July 1998
Bob Dylan's Invisible Republic - Interview with Greil Marcus by Paolo Vites translated in english too.

25 July 1998
12 NEW black and white pictures from the recent italian shows. Available for sale too.

16 July 1998
European tour is over, we saw several great shows expecially here in Italy. Read a review of Torino, see pictures from Villafranca in the italian section, or go directly to the 1998 section. More pictures ...soon! Another book published in Italy added to the list.

5 June 1998
New tour info and setlists. Unfortunately only in italian an interview to Greil Marcus by Paolo Vites and a letter from Bob Dylan to the Sister 2 Sister magazine. Check the italian section.

16 May 1998
Another interview. This time from 22 Sept 1966 Austin Texas. New setlists added to the tour section (summer'98)

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