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11 November 1996
Two new pics for you. Both from the last two years.

9 November 1996
Some new stuff in the ISIS pages. Check it

7 November 1996
An Italian committee has been formed to put forward the candidacy of Bob Dylan for the Nobel prize for Literature. If you can help them, do so. (italian text). There is a new link to the Zimmermen's Home page in the sites section.

6 November 1996
I am proud to tell you that from now on, ISIS magazine will be housed on Bread Crumb Sins. I am still creating some sections but I hope to open them for the end of this week.

3 November 1996
The EDLIS Barf agency that cover songs that mention Bob Dylan has been added to the EDLIS list.

2 November 1996
I have created a page dedicated to John Bauldie. ...in the pics page you can find the autographs of Bucky, JJ, Al, Tony, and Winston. More lyrical connections too.

31 October 1996
Here again .... there is a new agent. He's a friend of mine and he's doing a great job. He's the German affairs EDLIS agent. He has a nice www page too. All the informations about him in the EDLIS list.

23 October 1996
I really don't have words to express the loss I feel to learn of the death late last night (Tuesday October 22) of John Bauldie, editor of The Telegraph magazine and long-time Dylan admirer. He was killed in a helicopter crash in Cheshire, UK, returning from watching his beloved Bolton soccer team play Chelsea. I'll miss him.

22 October 1996
New dates for the current tour.

18 October 1996
Dylan is on the road again. After the summer break he played the first show of this Autumn leg in San Luis Obispo, California. Here's the setlist:
1. To Be Alone With You - 2. If Not For You - 3. All Along The Watchtower - 4. It Takes A Train To Laugh, It Takes A Train To Cry - 5. Jokerman - 6. Silvio - 7. My Back Pages (acoustic) - 8. Masters of War (acoustic) - 9. It's All Over Now, Baby Blue (acoustic) - 10. Seeing the Real You At Last - 11. What Good Am I? - 12. Maggie's Farm - 13. Alabama Getaway - 14. One Too Many Mornings (acoustic) - 15. Rainy Day Women # 12 & 35

16 October 1996
The first new updated files of the lyrical connections are on BCS now. They are edited in alphabetical order. Today I put online Alleys, Angels and Bells. The next connections in the next days. :)

15 October 1996
Lotsa changing'! Last day I was listening Patti Smith and Dylan singing "Dark Eyes" so I though that perhaps some of you would like to see the two together! Check the pics section to see 'em. Then I am working at the EDLIS Italian Agency so take a look at it. You can find all the setlist of the shows that Dylan played in Italy. I'll add more info in the next days. I am adding some more graphics on BCS. You'll find it going around! Rob Zorn is completing his major work about the Lyrical connections. I'll post all the new revisited stuff very soon, so stay in touch.

5 October 1996
A new tour is on the way. Winston left the band so we'll have a new drummer: David Kemper, who played with the Jerry Garcia Band for a decade. Check the tour section to see if you can catch Dylan on the road.

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