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31 May 1997
From the ISIS hotline: "I can now confirm the title of the new Bob Dylan album as being 'TIME OUT OF MIND'".

30 May 1997
More news on Dylan. Check the ISIS hotline or the page I've made.

29 May 1997
I've created a page with all the news from various sources. Check the ISIS hotline too to have more info about the new album.

28 May 1997
Bob is in hospital!

24 May 1997
Happy Birthday Mr. Dylan! 56 years! BTW there are two new interviews from 1978 in the interviews section. A new link to Grain of Sand too. You will find new tour dates in the tour section.

13 May 1997
The NEW ISIS issue is online. Lot of new stuff: books, CDs...

10 May 1997
A major EDLIS update. No more list but an innovative more reliable service. If the agent goes on holiday, in retreat, in hospital, or is captured by aliens, you are not inconvenienced, the e-mail gets through to a responsible adult (except for those six agencies run by irresponsible adults).

6 May 1997
The new version of the FAQ. As always it's formatted in HTML

5 May 1997
Fifth day of May! ;) "May your song always be sung" is a new forthcoming CD on the BMG label due for release on 24th May. Check the complete track listing. Among the artists there are: Michael Hedges, Jeff Healey Band, Zimmermen, Dream Syndicate, Carlene Carter and many others.

3 May 1997
FOUR new shining pics taken from some italian concerts. Check the pics section. I am keeping on updating the tour and the setlists sections.

1 May 1997
A new agent has been appointed. Diana Lopez is the new EDLIS Art agent. The show on the 29th April was the last show of the month. Check the tour section to see all the setlists of the shows played on April.
It seems that the show scheduled for the 18th June was cancelled.

28 Apr 1997
A brief interview with Carol Dennis in the articles section. New setlists too.

24 Apr 1997
New tour setlists in the tour section. A new EDLIS agent has been appointed. John Fink, Forwarding Agent. New info added to the Italian Book section.

15 April 1997
New updates about the new album and the Jimmie Rodgers tribute. Check the hotline for more details. More setlists in the tour section.

14 April 1997
New tour dates in the tour section.

11 April 1997
I am updating the tour section daily. BTW you will find a picture of Dylan and Larry Campbell in the April tour section. The picture was sent to me by John Power.

6 April 1997
Allen Ginsberg has died. I've dedicated a page to him. Dylan yesterday dedicated "Desolation Row" to Allen. Check the setlist in the tour section.

5 April 1997
The news of the illness of Allen Ginsberg was shocking. More info in the hotline where you will find something about Larry Campbell too. A new EDLIS agent has been appointed, the EDLIS Legend in Writing Agent. Janice's agency will be housed on Bread Crumb Sins.
...as you can see I am changing the look of the site. I hope you'll like it.

3 April 1997
The new setlists on the tour section. I've created a page where I'll post all the setlists of the on going tour, just like I did for the Japan leg. Some new infos about the new album in the hotline section of ISIS magazine.

1 April 1997
The first setlist of the April tour in the tour section. JJ Jackson was replaced by Larry Campbell. New infos addeed in the Cd boots list of ISIS magazine.

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