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17 September 1996
You asked for it! NEW PICS! ok here they are! Two new shining pics with Dylan (of course) and some friends ;) Some small changes in the EDLIS list.

4 September 1996
I am back from my holidays!! I really enjoyed them but unfortunately they are gone now! BTW here some new stuff for you. First of all some tour rumors. I said RUMORS ok?? Then a new Edlis agents in the Edlis list ...as you'll see it's me. I was appointed as Italian Affairs agent so.... Last but not least a link to a company run by two guys that sells tshirt of course they have a section for our Bob.

6 August 1996
After an hard year I need some weeks of holidays!! I'm going to UK. (as usual!!) In the meanwhile I am working to a new graphic for BCS. You'll see it in September. Have a great time wherever you are!! (...expecially the ones out there from Latvia, Ukraine, Aruba, Pakistan, Bahrain, Uruguay and lot of other Bobcats spread all around this not-so-old planet))
John Hume asked me to post a message from him. He's trying to collect ticket stubs. Read his message in his page.

25 July 1996
If you like art take a look on the Reisman's exposition. Lot of links to various art sites on the net!

19 July 1996
There's a great exposition: 3 art works by David Reisman. Check the gallery.

15 July 1996
Some new email changes and a new link to the "On the Tracks update" agency in the Edlis list. Some new changes in the page of our statistician. Check it.

12July 1996
Some Edlis agents changed email so I update the EDLIS list. John Hume now has a www page on BCS!! I'll add some pics when they'll arrive me through the good old snail mail!

10 July 1996
All the setists of the 3 italian shows in the Dylan in Italy section. I've added 2 reviews: Ferrara and Pistoia Very soon some photographers will send me the pics of the shows so stay tuned!

3 July 1996
An interview with Joan Baez in the articles section. I'll try to add the setlists of the italian shows on BCS in the next days (not an easy thing while you're rambling all along this old country) so stay tuned!

25 June 1996
All the informations about the italian shows in the Italian section!

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