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29 September 1997
Concert for the Pope. reviews. I am proud to tell you that CNN added a link to my site from their review page. :)

12 September 1997
New tour dates, new ISIS issue. All the setlists of the August shows

16 August 1997
I am back for a couple of days and I had the time to post a picture from the early '60s and to add a link to Parking Meter, a Dylan magazine in German language. Of course I've updated the tour section too.

8 Aug 1997
I am leaving for my holidays I'll come back after the 15th so 'till then take care!

4 August 1997
Bob is back. The new tour is going on. Check the tour section for setlists and dates.

31 July 1997
2 new interviews: one from 1984 by Mick Brown, and another one from 1981 by Neil Spencer.

30 July 1997
Jimmie Rodgers album liner notes.

27 July 1997
A new sketch made by Diana Lopez, a very talented artist, in the gallery.

23 July 1997
Village Walking Tour in the articles section.

16 July 1997
The Playboy '78 interview (made in late '77) in the interview section. (very long: 78k) You can download the zip file (30k) here.

30 June 1997
The NEW ISIS issue!

23 June 1997
Some new articles and new italian books added in the Italian agency.

19 June 1997
A writer is looking for your stories for a forthcoming publication. If you can help her, do so. Compensation for all stories contributed will be one free copy of book upon publication. There's a new article: "alternate titles" compiled by Ben taylor in the articles section.

16 June 1997
Win a limited edition of May Your Songs Always Be Sung

6 June 1997
An open letter to tape collectors by Clinton Heylin in the articles section. New tour dates.

3 June 1997
Dylan was released from hospital this weekend! 4 new pics. Thanks to Joe Capiro and Alan Fraser.

2 June 1997
Today there's a new Cd to be released in the UK, titled "Best Of Bob Dylan". A new article by Ian Low about Highway 61 Revisited. A new artists in the gallery section: Diana Lopez our EDLIS art agent. The image of a ticket of one of the cancelled UK shows in the tour section.

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