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25 November 1997
Time Out Of Mind translated in Italian.

19 November 19997
Bob Dylan's Official rarities by Alan Fraser in the articles section. Some pics added here, here and ...here!

6 November 1997
ISIS issue #75. Tour setlists are being updated daily.

24 October 1997

  • Ongoin' tour - Late '97 setlists.

    12 October 1997
    New tour dates

    9 October 1997
    Bob Dylan failed to win the literature nobel prize, it went to an italian poet: Dario Fo.

    Dario Fo, 71 years old, who wrote "Mistero Buffo" and "Morte accidentale di un anarchico" is on the scene since the early '60s. Always involved with social themes he is one of the most important theatre author of this century.

    7 October 1997
    New tour dates announced. All the setlists from the latest shows. 7 new shining pictures from the collection of John Hume.

    1 October 1997
    Two new interviews, One printed on The New York Times, by Jon Pareles and one from USA Today.

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